YDB Type Motorized Drum

YDB explosion-isolating type oil-cooled motorized drum is according to the request of GB3836.1-2000 《electric installation which used in the explosive gas of environment section 1: universal standard》 and GB3836.2-2000《electric installation which used in the explosive gas of environment section 2: explosion-isolating "d"》, design and made into explosion-isolating type, sign of explosion-isolating is EXD I, which used in the explosion gas of environment, istalled measurement is according with standard, the new driving device which is used of rubber coated draper, comparing with the explosion-proof motor + reducer + live-drum`s drive unit, it has obvious virtue, it`s compact of structure, install sftely, operate conveniently, beautiful of appearance. The Exd I products is used in colliery (not the mining and driving face) which contains methane or coal dust`s explosion gas mixture.Its installation dimension meets the industry standard. As the new type drive device for belt conveyor, it has following advantage: compact structure, install security, easy operation, nice apperance. It is much more progressive than the old drive device which is separate as explosion-proof motor + gear box + drive pulley. Attention: the surrounding medium of place doesn`t contain destroy metal and insulating reactivity chemical material.


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